Hello and welcome.

I am Johan Vakidis, currently executive creative director at AKQA in China and have been in China for the past 13+ years working on numerous brands and working with wonderful people.

Simply put, i have been in the industry for over 15 years and have been privileged enough to participate in many industry events, be it giving talks, judging or educating the young blood wanting to take what we do to the next level.

Prior to AKQA, i had an 9 year tenure at Ogilvy as National ECD and before that I lectured, and worked as a web developer.

I will not specify the awards and recognition my teams and myself have obtained, but lets just say we have managed to get recognized on an international, regional and local level at all the shows that can be thought of.

In conclusion, i love what I do and i am eager to excel and raise the bar on every new project / challenge I come across.



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