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It is recommended to wear clean-room gloves or finger cots. Food, drink or tobacco products should be banned from the assembly area. Clean your area before, during and after disassembly, repair and re-assembly. • Do not attempt to use traditional probe tips to pick up signals on the leads of VLSI circuits. A probe tip may tear off tin chips that visual inspection without a magnifier will fail to reveal. The space between adjacent leads is so small that tiny metal fragments may cause accidental shorts.

Carefully plug in one of the cable connect assemblies, taking care not to damage the contacts, and fasten it with four M4×16 screws. 1 Tighten in the following order:1, 2, 3, 4. 5 Nm. Optimum spin speed: 500 to 700 rpm. Immediately after the first cycle, re-tighten all screws in the same order, with the same torque. 2-14 January 2003 Technical Manual FDU 8. Repeat steps 6 through 7 to mount the second connect assembly. 2 9. Mount the grounding clamp and grounding nut. Beforehand, lubricate the threading of the grounding nut with red AQUALUB grease.

9 Nm) LINE J2 XDEV J7 2. Make sure the desiccator retainer plate is in place (with two desiccators) in the lid. The ground leads from the POWER connectors should be tied to the desiccator retainer plate. 9 Nm. POWER J5 TRANS J3 3. With the LIPX/LPX board assembly in place and properly seated in the lid, carefully plug the cables to the LIPX board. The LIPX/LPX board assembly should be properly oriented in relation to XDEV and POWER sockets. See the opposite photo. LIPX board POWER P5 P6 P2 P1 P4 P7 P3 XDEV 2 POWER O-ring 2-32 January 2003 Technical Manual LAUX 4.

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