41 Projects Using IC 741 OP AMP by Sharma M.C.

By Sharma M.C.

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Programming the Magazine Settings Bar-coded films are available only from Fuji and are clearly marked as Bar Code System, B, or EL (for Easy Loading). With these films, no settings need The Hasselblad H Camera System 31 to be made on the magazine. The bar code automatically tells the magazine whether it is 120 or 220 film and what sensitivity it has. The bar-code symbol also appears on the LCD display on the magazine. To use the bar code and automatic setting of film speed and length, the magazine must be set to Bar Code mode, which is indicated by a small B symbol on the magazine LCD (see Figure 4-5).

It is nevertheless only logical to use the prerelease. Operating the Tripod-Mounted Camera There are two theories of working with a tripod. In the “free standing” theory, the photographer stands away from the tripod, avoiding any body contact with the tripod or camera. The shutter is released with a cable or remote release. Camera steadiness is completely dependent on the tripod. This approach must be used when exposure times are longer than 1/2 or 1 second. In the other method, either both hands are on the camera or one hand is on the camera and the other on the tripod, with both pressing the tripod and camera toward the ground.

You need to change batteries. Because camera operation is completely dependent on batteries, you should always carry a backup set. Removing or changing the battery does not erase any functions programmed and saved into the camera. The memory in the H camera does not need the power from the battery to store such data. Unsaved data, however, will be lost. 6 and 1/125 second when the battery is removed. 6V, is available as an accessory. It replaces the standard battery cassette. 26. 1. 2. 3. 27. 4.

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