A Buffer Overflow Study - Attacks and Defenses by Pierre-Alain, Vincent Glaume

By Pierre-Alain, Vincent Glaume

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2 Corruption of DLMALLOC: principle The basic idea is always the same; firstly we overflow a buffer then we overwrite datas in our target. /vul2 Enter something: Segmentation fault Line 8 can be used to overflow buffer1 with the buffer obtained line 7. This is possible since gets() is unsafe and does not process any bound checking. In fact we will overwrite the tags (prev size, size, fd, bk) of buffer2. But what is the interest and how can we spawn a shell ? g the second chunk) to see whether it is in use or not.

The most evident ways are bruteforcing, and the use of the /proc virtual file system for local attempts. Thanks to /proc/pid/maps, it is possible to identify the location of a function in the memory while the target program is running. 45 The return-into-libc technique is really interesting because it shows limitations of protection methods such as PaX or Open Wall. We will not detail it any further here, but for more information, [10] and [11] are excellent! 46 Chapter 7 Detection: Prelude Prelude is defined by his conceptor (Yoann Vandoorselaere) as a general-purpose hybrid intrusion detection system.

38 Chapter 5 How does Libsafe work? 1 Presentation Libsafe is a dynamic library that is loaded prior to the other libraries in memory and overrides some of the unsafe functions of the libc. Libsafe intercepts the calls to the unsafe functions of the standard C library and uses instead its own implementation of the function. While keeping the same semantic, it adds detection of bound violations. 2 Why are the functions of the libC unsafe ? Some functions of the standard C library are unsafe because they do not check the bounds of a buffer.

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