A Grey Moon Over China by Thomas A. Day

By Thomas A. Day

Military engineer Eduardo Torres is stuck up within the world’s raging oil wars whilst he stumbles onto the plans for a quantum-energy battery. This amazing equipment may perhaps sluggish civilization’s inevitable descent into environmental catastrophe, yet Torres has different plans. Forming a personal army, he makes use of the machine to restore an deserted area colonization attempt in an bold crusade to guide humanity to a brand new existence in sunlight system.The large undertaking faces many demanding situations earlier than the fleet eventually embarks for the Holzstein process many light-years away. yet at the same time the feuding colonists fight to carve out houses on alien worlds, they realize that they've now not left their previous conflicts and internal demons behind.Nor are they on my own in this new frontier. waiting for them are inhuman beings who strike all at once or explanation--and who might spell the tip of humanity’s final hope.Epic in scope, but choked with searing human drama and emotion, a gray Moon Over China is a enormous technology fiction saga by means of an grand new expertise. Its unique e-book by way of Black Heron Press was  named one of many “Best Books of 2006" by means of Kirkus reports.

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