A Multitude Of Monsters (The Exploits of Ebenezum, Bk. 2) by Craig Shaw Gardner

By Craig Shaw Gardner

"A enjoyable romp. the sector wishes extra humorists of this caliber." (Robert Asprin)

whereas looking a medication for his illness of magicks, the pain sorcerer Ebenezum and his hapless apprentice are rudely interrupted via militant monsters with a reason.

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And Snarks, in his desire to tell all the truth all the time, seemed to take particular delight in informing the very large warrior as to the efficiency of certain diet and exercise programs. But Snarks had been indispensable in his knowledge of demonic strategy during our recent skirmishes with the Netherhells, and Hendrek was no less useful with his flashing warclub, Headbasher. The two, at last, realized that they needed each other. Now, while they were still not the best of friends, they did manage to speak occasionally, and I no longer feared the imminent murder of one at the hands of the other.

The message. I remembered the young woman’s name! ” The Brownie nodded and smiled, obviously waiting for approval. Norei! My beloved’s name came close to dissolving my resolve. But no! I must find out from the Brownie what I had failed to ask of her. “Indeed,” I said, emulating my master. “We are very glad you now know the young woman’s name. ” “Message? ” The Brownie coughed. “The message. Oh dear. My, my. ” Snarks cried triumphantly. “What did I tell you? Brownies! ” the Brownie said sharply.

I did as my master instructed, supporting myself with my stout oak staff as the wizard walked briskly before me. ” I asked hesitantly. “About Norei’s warning? ” The wizard pulled solemnly at his beard. “One way or another, we shall know soon enough. Come, Wuntvor. ” And so we walked again as we had through most of our journey, the wizard lost in sorcerous thought, while I brought along our belongings on my back—the arcane paraphernalia that had saved us a dozen times from death; a change of clothes; and lunch.

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