A Pragmatic Introduction to the Art of Electrical by Paul H. Dietz

By Paul H. Dietz

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To select a level, you should have an up switch and a down switch which increment or decrement respectively the current setting. A seven segment display should indicate which level has been chosen. Verify the functionality of your circuit using a digital multimeter. Note: You will probably be able to reuse a great deal of your wiring from the previous chapter! 2 - ©2003 Paul Henry Dietz - All rights reserved. 21 Maybe What You Need to Know In order to solve this problem, here are a few things you need to know: • • • • • What is a voltage divider?

You are given two identical looking boxes with two terminals sticking out. One box contains the Thevenin circuit with a one volt source and a one ohm resistor. The other box contains the Norton circuit, made with a one amp current source, and a one ohm resistor. How can you tell which is which? The answer: you can’t tell electrically. However, the Norton box has power dissipating in the resistor. So you feel the boxes, and the one that is getting hot is the Norton circuit. 38 A Pragmatic Introduction to the Art of Electrical Engineering What is an Amplifier?

As part of your preparation for this lab, you will need to analyze this circuit. You should calculate V2 as a function of the Stamp outputs switching from 0V to 5V in the eight possible patterns. Hint: This circuit has some wonderful properties that make it very easy to analyze. Start at one end, and think parallel and series combinations. What’s Next? In this chapter, we learned how to generate a range of output voltages. That’s called digital to analog conversion. But what if you wanted to go the other way and do analog to digital conversion?

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