A Stereo Vision System for Position Measurments and by Hasegawa F., Hashima M., Kanda Sh.

By Hasegawa F., Hashima M., Kanda Sh.

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Avoidance routing: The assignment of a circuit path to avoid certain critical or trouble-prone circuit nodes. AWGN: Abbreviation for additive white gaussian noise. See white noise. available line: 1. In voice, video, or data communications, a circuit between two points that is ready for service, but is in the idle state. 2. In facsimile transmission, the portion of the scanning line that can be specifically used for image signals. (188) Synonym useful line. axial propagation constant: In an optical fiber, the propagation constant evaluated along the optical axis of the fiber in the direction of transmission.

188) Note 2: Expressed mathematically, availability is 1 minus the unavailability. 2. The ratio of (a) the total time a functional unit is capable of being used during a given interval to (b) the length of the interval. Note 1: An example of availability is 100/168 if the unit is capable of being used for 100 hours in a week. 9998. average picture level (APL): In video systems, the average level of the picture signal during active scanning time integrated over a frame period; defined as a percentage of the range between blanking and reference white level.

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