Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry, 1 by Ward W Pigman; M L Wolfrom

By Ward W Pigman; M L Wolfrom


content material: entrance disguise; Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry, quantity 1; Copyright web page; members to quantity I; Editors' Preface; Contents; bankruptcy 1. The Fischer Cyanohydrin Synthesis and the Configurations of Higher-carbon Sugars and Alcohols; bankruptcy 2. The Altrose staff of drugs; bankruptcy three. Carbohydrate Orthoesters; bankruptcy four. Thio- and Seleno-Sugars; bankruptcy five. The Carbohydrate parts of the Cardiac Glycosides; bankruptcy 6. Metabolism of the Sugar Alcohols and Their Derivatives; bankruptcy 7. The Chemistry of the Nucleic Acids; bankruptcy eight. The Fractionation of Starch.

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The heptabenzoates of two heptitols were prepared by the action of benzoyl chloride and pyridine ; gluco-guloheptitol heptabenzoate, m. p. p. ) I Alcohols (nater) CalD* conc. ) I I Heptitols 1. 2. 3. 4. Gluco-gulo-heptitol D-GhlCChD-idO-hepti~l D-Xlanno-D-gah-heptitol D-hfanno-D-t&heptitol (See p. 1) 6 pts. 75% alc. 16 pts. 90% alc. 10 pts. 50% alc. 20 pts. S5yoale. 1" (c. 9) 10 pts. 50% alc. 6 pts. 50% ale. G pts. 50% ale. 129" 129" 187" 153' 1 Alcohol Acetates [u]Dz0 (chloroform) conc. (c) Remarks Recryshllization I 3 Heptaacetates !

On keeping the colorless filtrate cold overnight the long needle crystals of pure osotriarole separate; wt. , m. p. 3 mg. in 25 cc. 23" in a 4 dm. 6' value in pyridine for phenyl-D-glucosotriazole. Methyl alcohol n P. A. Levene and F. B. La Forge, J . B i d . , 20, 429 (1915). 78 Edna M. Montgomery and C. S. Hudson, J . Am. Chem. , 52,2105 (1930). See also 0. Diehls and R. , 519, 161 (1935), concerning the use of other oeazone anhydrides. 74 R. M. Hann and C. S. Hudson, J . Am. Chem. , 61, 336 (1939).

Untersuchungen,” p. 1 (a) R. M. Hann, Alice T. Merrill and C. S. Hudson, J . Am. Chem. , 57,2100 (1935); (b) C. S. , 52, 1695 (1930); R. M. Hann and C. S. , 59, 548 (1937); W. I). Maclay, R. M. Hann and C. S. , 60, 1035 (1938); (c) Edna M. Montgomery and C. S. , 64, 247 (1942). See also H. S. Isbell, J . Ilesearch Natl. Bur. Standards, 8,505 (1937). Some of the regularities that are noticeable in the cyanohydrin syntheses were pointed out by J. G. Maltby, J . Chem. , 76 7’ 1408 (1923); 1629 (1926); 2769 (1929).

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