Advances in Photochemistry by Noyes W

By Noyes W

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Indian J. Plant Physiol. 8, 103 (1965); S. B. C h a u d h u r i a n d J . N . H a z a r i k a . Current Sei. {India) 3 5 , 187 ( 1 9 6 6 ) ; M . S. I y e n g a r . Indian Drugs and Pharm. Ind. 13 (1968). 23 K . Schreiber a n d H . R ö n s c h . Abhandl. Deut. Akad. Wiss. Berlin, Kl. , Geol. Biol. N o . 4 , 3 9 5 ( 1 9 6 3 ) ; Arch. Pharm. -Chem. 681, 187 ( 1 9 6 5 ) ; P . M . Boll a n d B. A n d e r s e n . Planta Med. 10, 421 (1962); R . B o g n ä r a n d S. M a k l e i t . Ada Chim. Acad. Set.

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2 7 , 2925 (1962). 42 M . A . I r w i n a n d T . A . Geissman, u n p u b l i s h e d work. 43 K . S. R y b a l k o , I . A . G u b a n o v a n d M . I . Vlasov. Zh. Obshch. Khim. 3 3 , 3781 (1963). T h e identity of v a c h a n i c acid w i t h ilicic acid is assumed o n t h e basis of t h e a g r e e m e n t in t h e properties r e p o r t e d for t h e c o m p o u n d (composition, m . p . , r o t a t i o n ) . 44 Scopoletin a n d t h e n e w (to n a t u r e ) c o m p o u n d , 6 - h y d r o x y - 7 - m e t h o x y c o u m a r i n , a r e found in A.

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