Aerodynamics of the Airplane by Hermann T. Schlichting, Erich A. Truckenbrodt (transl. by

By Hermann T. Schlichting, Erich A. Truckenbrodt (transl. by Heinrich J. Ramm)

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Because of the asymmetric flow incidence, additional forces and moments are produced besides lift, drag, and pitching moment as discussed in the last section. The force in direction of the lateral axis y is the side force due to sideslip; the moment about the longitudinal axis, the rolling moment due to sideslip; and the moment about the vertical axis, the yawing moment due to sideslip. The derivatives for 0 = 0, (8C Y) 0= ap o aCMZI as Q=0 are called stability coefficients of sideslip; in particular, acMZ/aa is called directional stability.

C) Mean camber (skeleton) line (camber height distribution). C (Fig. 2-1b) is another important quantity. From these designated quantities the following six geometric profile parameters may be formed: t/c hlc xtlc xh /c rN/c 2r relative thickness (thickness ratio)* relative camber (camber ratio)* relative thickness position relative camber position relative nose radius trailing edge angle For the complete description of a profile, the profile coordinates of the upper and lower surfaces, zu(x) and zl(x), must also be known.

The circle K is mapped into a twice-passed AIRFOIL OF INFINITE SPAN IN INCOMPRESSIBLE FLOW (PROFILE THEORY) 47 profile in the plane, extending from = -2a to length c = 4a and a camber height h/a = 2 E1 , or +2a. This profile has a chord (2-34) It is easily shown that the profile in the plane is a portion of a circle for any E1 . For small camber (E' < 1), the profile contour is given by = 2 [1 -4 [1 - 4 (C )2] (2-35) C This profile is also called a parabola skeleton. For small angles of attack, a G< 1, and small camber, the lift coefficient becomes cL = 27r (Cl +2 C (2-36) The lift slope dcL/da is again equal to 27r for small angles of attack, as in the case of the inclined flat plate according to Eq.

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