Alexius Meinong’s Elements of Ethics: with Translation of by Marie-Luise Schubert Kalsi

By Marie-Luise Schubert Kalsi

Elements of Ethics examines Meinong's worth thought from an epistemological viewpoint and offers a severe exposition of Meinong's first makes an attempt at a deontic good judgment; particular attention is given to the legislations of Omission. For that goal his thought of the a priori is tested, that's entwined along with his concept of items. The e-book starts off with an epistemological and ontological attention and simplification of Meinong's universe. as a result of the mathematical improvement of his time, specifically non-Euclidean geometries, Meinong constructed the proposal of precision gadgets and precision options. they're mentioned in addition to the so-called `incomplete items' and difficulties linked to them. those discussions are proper for realizing quite a few technical phrases, really suggestions of values and valuations. those discussions additionally help in assessing the potential for realizing those options a priori, and in realizing the logical relationships among them and real valuations. we discover in Meinong's moral writings a mix of experiential and a priori wisdom. A translation is integrated of the fragment Ethische Bausteine (Elements of Ethics), including Meinong's personal notes and people of the editors of the textual content. Vocabulary and Index are attached.

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As was mentioned before, Meinong followed in Locke's footsteps when he expressed these curious thoughts, and he did say s019. The purpose of the above is to explain Meinong's peculiar distinction between complete and incomplete objects. In some of his examples of presentation and its object he, in fact, states that its possibility depends on what is intended. At one place Meinong writes that a square may have equal or unequal diagonals if I do not insist that it should be able to exist or be possible 20 .

However, there the possibility of a mistake is never quite excluded. Thus, there cannot be certainty. From a distance we often do not feel sure of what we see or hear; at closer look the feeling of justification concerning what we see becomes stronger but is never as strong as the feeling of justification occurring with judgments of the kind of the recognition of a melody or dissimilarity. From an object-theoretical standpoint, it can be stated that numbers are ideal, that the rules of multiplication are reducible to numbers and their successors.

Different concepts may refer to the same (remote) object or have the same extension, Meinong believes. Example: "freezing at zero degree Celsius" and "consisting of hydrogen and oxygen" are two different concepts which both refer to water3. In Meinong's vocabulary it would be expressed thus: These two concepts are each of two different kinds of objects: The immediate objects which correspond directly to their content, and, then, their extension, that is a remote object4. The extension of a concept is not the immediate object but a remoter object.

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