Alliance (Isaac Asimov's Robot City : Robots and Aliens, No. by Jerry Oltion

By Jerry Oltion


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He asked. “Take them to the lab. ” Something about Avery, s manner made Derec suspect that he wouldn’t be restricting himself to non-invasive examination. ” Avery asked. ” Derec didn’t know why he felt so disturbed by that thought; he had taken robots apart before himself. But then, when he had done so he had known how to put them back together again, too. With these, Avery had no assurance he could rebuild them when he was done. That was the difference: Avery was considering permanent deactivation, not just investigation.

Humanity had finally outgrown them, he realized. Or would, when this and the other robot cities on other worlds were opened up for human occupation. They had hardly gone a block before Derec noticed a flicker of movement in the recessed doorway of one of the buildings lining the street. He looked more closely and saw that it was one of Lucius’s rodent-like creations. He looked for more and wasn’t disappointed; they were out in force, scavenging the nearly sterile city for food and no doubt starving in the process.

Judgment,” replied Adam. ” Ariel asked. “Yes. If it had been an order, I would have given it higher priority, though not as high as if it had been an order given directly to me. ” The Second Law of Robotics stated that a robot must obey the orders of human beings unless those orders conflicted with the First Law, which stated that a robot could not harm a human or through inaction allow a human to come to harm. Those, plus the Third Law, which stated that a robot must act to preserve its own existence as long as such protection did not conflict with the first two Laws, were built into the very structure of the hardware that made up the robot’s brain.

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