American Credit Repair: Everything U Need to Know About by Trevor Rhodes

By Trevor Rhodes

The Definitive consultant to elevating Your credits Score

Whether you are improving from monetary difficulties or have to pump up your rating to qualify for a loan, you desire trustworthy details and professional suggestions to mend and increase your credit standing. Drawn from years of expertise assisting hundreds of thousands of shoppers, American credits Repair empowers you with “Everything U have to Know…” to elevate your credits score.

Everything U want to know approximately
Credit Repaire

  • Obtaining and figuring out patron credits studies
  • Correcting earlier blunders and making plans for the long run
  • Disputing erroneous facts in your credits dossier
  • Dealing with assortment businesses
  • Avoiding foreclosures and financial disaster

BONUS CD-ROM FEATURES: Ready-to-print varieties and letters to fix your credits by yourself plus important shopper security assets you cannot do with no, and lots more and plenty more!

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Now that’s a good question. Sometimes it seems as if everyone has his or her hands on your private financial information. In fact, much of the mail you receive is driven by your credit report. You’ve seen those pre-approved offers for credit cards, mortgages and auto loans. They come from prescreening services offered by the credit reporting agencies (CRAs). So who is and who is not allowed to look at your report? 20 Chapter 3: The Basics of Credit Reporting, Part III Permissible Purpose This may come as a surprise, but almost anyone can access your consumer credit file as long as their reason for the inquiry is justified according to the broad language of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Then when you make a payment, the balance goes down and the available credit goes back up. This revolving cycle continues to repeat for the life of the account. Examples of revolving accounts include credit cards, department store cards and gasoline cards, and these often have the greatest impact on your credit score… but that will be discussed later. Interpreting this section of a credit report is very easy. It usually begins with the name of the creditor, followed by when the account was reported or updated, the date of the last activity, when the account was opened, how much credit was ever used, the estimated monthly payment required to keep the account current, the balance and the historical status (showing how many 30-, 60- and 90-day late payments were recorded).

While this is true, the CRAs do not have the right to pull up your driving record and there is certainly no law that compels them to put your driver license number on your credit file. So if you must send them your license, disguise your number on the copy you send them by whiting- or blacking-out some or all of the digits. Your address and date of birth are adequate proof of who you are, as long as this information matches what is already reported on your credit file. Don’t use a copy of your telephone bill as proof of your identity if you don’t want your phone number in your file, because it will be included on your report.

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